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There is not a lot going on on this blog is there?
I need to correct this by telling you more.about Drizzle - not the Drizzle in the first picture - that was just the doodle that started him.
NOW the books - the first are out. . Drizzle an imaginary creature  with his friend Morris the mouse,
have gone into print..
These two small books (32 pages) are written in French and English with the texts on opposite pages with simple line drawings. The books are for the young so colouring the pictures will make the books their own. These two first tales are the first of many - if people like them. At 8€ each they could give a few hours of pleasure as well as helping to enjoy the two languages.
They are available from me : send an email to or from 

Friday, 23 December 2016

Friday, 21 October 2016

Fiction or fact?

The year is 7123.
The creature living in the cave has hair or fur covering most of its body. It stands almost upright with large flat feet on the end of legs that has knees that are jointed in a backward manner. The toes on its feet are short with webbing in between. Its short arms culminate in four fingers with claws. Its head with narrow eyes and tiny ear flaps has a long nose a round bulbous appendage with dilated nostrils which continually twitch. Its mouth almost hidden below its nose has the teeth of a carnivore, ready to tear apart anything edible - most of which it sees - is. An omnivore which is easily satisfied by almost any plant or small animal. Its size? It stands about two metres high  but is happy on four legs as two; its back legs propelling it at speed on four legs and at considerable height jumping on two.
It came out of its lair in the misty morning  sniffing the air which at this time of the season was beginning to be filled with the aromas of plants coming into flower. Its mate followed and together they looked across the flooded valley. The first grunted. Between its legs its member became erect as it turned to its mate and without any formality it thrust it into the immediately receptive aperture of its mate. The process was quick and lacking in any finesse. When finished they once more turned and looked across the landscape.
This action was almost the only similarity they had with the human race who had long before occupied the planet.
Some 5000 years before disasters had begun to change the life on planet Earth. All around the globe independent groups had threatened and violated populations of numerous countries in the name of religion, or commercial power struggles. Politicians began to lose control of their party members who split off in groups with indefinite objectives but invariably with a view to lining their own pockets. The distrust of the electors in many countries led to feuds amongst normally peace abiding folk. Anarchy became the credo of communities across the globe. Eventually most of the countries in Europe and Asia were in open hostility within their borders and across them as the groups spread, amalgamated and became more powerful and more violent. The rising temperatures of the planet tended to heat tempers as well as the air.
The breaking down of the borders between heat and cold, between temperate and tropical led to the movement of insects, viruses and parasites into areas where they had hitherto been unknown. Diseases and illness spread like wildfire the health organisations, world wide or national were unable to keep up. Immunities had no time to be accrued by animals or humans. Epidemics were uncontrollable. Death and corruption became commonplace. Certain countries had played with atomic power, exploding huge amounts of weaponry in underground silos. Inevitable leaking of radioactivity from the playthings of ambitious dictators caused genetic deviation in many of the newborn. Defects and weakened body systems rendering them ever more unable to protect themselves from the all invasive toxins that were widespread.
The planet, its peoples overcrowded and underfed lost its fragile equilibrium.
With the heat violent winds brought frequent storms. Rainfall lessened and water shortages became drastic, leaving populations as far North as Britain with an unassuaged thirst. The death toll rose dramatically, while dry winds dehydrated the corpses. The ice of the poles melting faster than normal in the summers had led to a rise in the level of the oceans leaving the atlas maps wildly inaccurate.

In 2317  small groups of survivors in the mountainous areas led their lives in caves where cool air and condensation gave them shelter and enough moisture to survive. They had long since stopped fighting and lusting after power. They had reverted to the survival methods of the prehistoric cave dwellers who had lived some seventy thousand years before them. Life again became a simple question of survival. Their sources of food were the plants and wild creatures who roamed the wilderness around them. The human population continued to decrease as illnesses were incurable; they had not yet the natural instincts for survival as those who had been the first humans who had to learn everything. These present day cave dwellers still had the innate dependence on the skills of others and a reliance on the intelligence of the disappeared scientists. Their numbers dwindled until only a few animals were left.

The following two or three thousand years saw a return of cold; a raw biting cold that brought ice and snow cover over the greater part of the planet. The animals who wore the thickest fur were the natural survivors of this ice age. They hid in the caves and fed off each other, bred between the species producing slowly new and even more hardy creatures that were able to survive until the dawn of  a new time when the climate on this new reshapened planet became more clement and a fresh start could be made.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

 Permit me to offer occasional musings. You will realise no doubt that I sometimes dispair of the way society is progressing. i will leave you to judge whether to adopt an optimistic or pessimistic view of the future of the world !

There are ideas and notions appertaining to our society that are worthy of study and others that may be better to ignore. The problem with this is that we have all differing opinions based on what we hear, see and eventually believe. So who can say what is true and what is heresay?
There are those who are in an advantageous position to instill belief or conviction of their particular ideas; or to put their ideas and plans into action to what they consider either their private gain or the Public  good. History is littered with actions which have produced positive good, and sadly many that  have had the reverse effect. The present day is no exception and with the increase in knowledge the actions that may be taken are often devoid of common sense.
As we are told regularly the planet is a fragile object and we humans, as its principal actors, do not always treat it and its components with the respect it deserves to ensure its longevity as a place for animal and plant life to live in harmony and health.
Many problems that we face stem from the demands that we all make for our comfort and convenience which often lead to solutions that through the wonders of science and misplaced scientific knowledge risk in creating more problems than those that may have solved.
Sorting the good from the bad is not always easy. The famous ethereal highway – the Internet – hosts millions of words dedicated to the explanations of the ideas and an almost equal number of contrasting arguments disproving or procreating other points of view.
The apparently mundane subject of aeroplane vapour trails (like hot breath on cold glass) has produced a swarm of ideas from those who suspect these trails are laden with noxious chemicals. The ominous implications of these aeroplane ‘chem trails’, as they have been entitled,  that criss-cross our skies range from weather warfare, schemes on behalf of power seeking politicians, death and destruction, the end of the planet  etc. by authors of controversial  conspiracy theories. Some consider there is regular and intentional spraying of hazardous chemicals over our heads. Most consider the vapour trails are hot gases in very cold air with the minimal chemical fall out to be expected from exhaust fumes. For you to judge !
Like it or not we are surrounded by chemicals in what we breathe, eat or drink; some avoidable, many not. A recent Que Choisir report insinuates that we welcome into our homes many chemicals in cleaning fluids, insect repellents and sprays, plant remedies and the like. They often contain harmful molecules as evil as those used in agricultural pesticides, that have such bad press. Television programmes may tell you that we eat residues of pesticides in the majority of our foods. What they might forget to say is that this majority is well below the legal safety levels. The water we drink is strictly controlled and monitored. What is added to bottled drinks may not always for our best interests.
The entire subject of what we are told we should be afraid of in our daily lives is often subject to exaggeration and misplaced or misinterpreted reporting to make news. As the old adage says there is no smoke without fire but it is not often a raging inferno.
We should be careful to weed out the improbable from the impossible. The sensible from the absurd.
To quote Karl Lagerfeld “Absurdity and anti—absurdity are the two poles of creative energy.” 
That energy we could put to good effect !                     Que Choisir is the French equivalent to Which magazine.

Friday, 5 August 2016

La vente n'a pas attiré le monde espéré, Elle était fait quand même dans un endroit magnifique dans une manière informelle. Plusieurs autres lots étaient vendus qui sont arrivés tardivement.Pour les lots toujours présent sur ce catalogue et non marqués  "vendu", n'hésitez pas à contacter Tony et Sofie à Eléphant Haven pour plus des informations.

The sale did not attract the number of people hoped for. It took place however in a magnificent setting in an informal manner. Several other lots were sold which arrived late. For those lots still on the catalogue and not marked "vendu" do not hesitate to 
contact Tony and Sofie at Elephant Haven for more information

Tony and Sofie of Elephant Haven and Mr le Marquis et Mme la Marquise de Bonneval - thank all those who did support this event- remercient tous qui ont supporté cet événement


Elephant Haven in partnership with Le Château de Bonneval,invites you to an art auction in the courtyard of the castle on September the 4th, starting at 3pm. Several items will be auctioned and part of profits will be offered to Elephant Haven.

Come and support Elephant Haven and enjoy a great time in this beautiful location.
Simultaneously, there will be a “silent auction
Various items are displayed with a sheet of paper next to them.
If you would like to try to acquire a particular item or items, you write your name and the amount you are willing to pay on the sheet of paper beside that object. Others may do the same.
You can check back and see how your bid is doing and increase it any time up until
the end of the auction. The person who has written in the highest bid acquires the item!

Elephant Haven, en partenariat avec Le Château de Bonneval,vous invite à une vente aux enchères dans la cour intérieure du château le 4 septembre à partir de 15h. Plusieurs lots seront  mis en vente et une partie de bénéfices sera offerte à Elephant Haven.
Venez nombreux soutenir Elephant Haven et passez un très bon temps dans cet endroit magnifique.
Simultanément, il y aura une “vente silencieuse
Des objets sont étalés avec une feuille de papier à côté de chacun.
Si quelque chose vous plait, vous inscrivez votre nom sur la feuille avec la somme que vous proposez.
D’autres peuvent faire de même.
Vous pouvez aussi revenir et augmenter votre offre n’importe quand jusqu’a la
fin de la vente. La personne qui offre le plus acquérira l’objet!

Elephant Haven, in samenwerking met Château de Bonneval, nodigen u uit voor een kunstveiling, op het binnenplein van het kasteel op 4 september om 15u.Verschillende kunstwerken zullen geveild worden en een deel van de opbrengst wordt geschonken aan Elephant Haven.

Kom en steun Elephant Haven en geniet van een leuk moment in deze prachtige omgeving.
The silent auction makes available larger number of affordable items for those wishing to buy and also means a person can bid without the stress (perhaps !) of bidding "in public"
La vente silencieuse mets à disposition encore des articles plus abordable pour eux qui veulent acheter sans le stress (peut-être !) d'enchérir publiquement

Please scroll on to the bottom of the page as items are being added regularly

SVP descendre jusqu'à en bas de la page Des articles seront ajoutés de jour en jour.

Sauf les pièces marquées "Bonneval" toutes autres seront vendues au profit d'Eléphant Haven
Except the items marked "Bonneval" all others will be sold to the profit of Elephant Haven

Les fondateurs d'Elephant Haven avec  'Ellie' parEm Bryant;

See further down for more of Em's work. Voir plus loin pour plus des œuvres d'Em


Baby Elephant by Peter Martin

VENDU  30€

                                                          Cheetah by Peter Martin

Né à Londres, Peter Martin est diplômé de l'université en tant que biochimiste qualifié. La quasi-totalité de sa carrière a été dans les sciences biologiques. Pendant près de quarante ans, il a travaillé comme chercheur au laboratoire Scotland Yard à Londres d'effectuer les examens biologiques dans les enquêtes criminelles. Il a pris sa retraite en tant que directeur adjoint du laboratoire en 1996 et en 2001 il a déménagé en France. Bien qu'il n'a pas eu de formation formelle dans le dessin et la peinture, il a toujours été une passion et il a reçu beaucoup de conseils et de l'aide d'artistes professionnels au cours de sa vie. Il a exposé en Angleterre, en France et en Australie.

The Gate by Peter Martin    VENDU  55€

The Workhorse

Born in London Peter Martin graduated from university as a qualified biochemist. Almost all of  his career has been in the biological sciences. During nearly forty years he worked as a scientist at the Scotland Yard laboratory in London performing the biological examinations in crime investigations. He retired as Deputy Director of the laboratory in 1996 and in2001 moved to France. Although he has had no formal training in drawing and painting it has always been a passion and he has received much advice and help from professional artists during his lifetime. He has exhibited in England, France and Australia.

 Mina Kupfermann is an artist and photographer living in the UK. She became passionate about elephant welfare following a life-changing trip to Kenya, where she was lucky enough to encounter elephants in the wild. Learning more about the current threats to their survival as well as their extraordinary qualities of intelligence, sensitivity, empathy and nurturing behaviour, she has been moved to help these wonderful creatures flourish once more. Her photographic work can be seen at

Mina Kupfermann est une artiste et photographe qui habite en Royaume Uni.
Elle est venue une passionnée du bien-être des éléphants pendant un séjour en Kenya qu’ a changé sa vie. Elle avait la chance de rencontrer éléphants dans leur habitat sauvage. En apprenant des menaces sur leur survie, en plus de leurs atouts d’ intelligence, sensitivité, empathie et comportement parental, Mina Kupfermann est inspiré d’aider ces formidables  créatures  à encore prospérer.

Ses photographie peut être consulter sur


The blue horse      H31 x 50 x 13cm  epoxy

Le cheval bleu  VENDU 80€

Erwin Peeters (born 1964, works and lives in Belgium)
Erwin Peeters is an autodidact sculptor that fervently continues in the tradition of the Antwerp wildlife artists.
The romanticism of the 19th century has obviously been replaced by a contemporary interpretation of the animal kingdom. The artist demonstrates a powerful simplicity. His amazing power of observation are the result of seven years of working as an animal keeper at the Antwerp Zoo.
His favorite objects include, cougars, eagles, horses, leopards, apes, archetypal creatures with a mythical quality. The portrayed animal receives an added dimension and that’s what art is about.
He creates a spiritual dimension by giving expression to the instinctive character of the animal.

‘Blue Horse’ wall sculpture is the most recent work in the collection of Erwin Peeters. 

Erwin Peeters (Né 1964, travaille et vit en Belgique
Erwin Peeters est un artiste autodidacte qui poursuit la tradition des animaliers Anversois.
Bien entendu, le romantisme du 19ême siècle est remplacé par une interprétation contemporaine de l’animal. Cet artiste fait preuve d’une simplicité solide et d’un pouvoir exceptionnel d’observation, résultat de sept ans de travail comme soigneur d’animaux au Zoo d’Anvers.
Les sujets favoris sont e.a  le singe, le cheval, l’aigle, le panthère,  tous des animaux archétipiques à valeur mythique. En représentant le caractère instinctif de l’animal, il dépasse le simple portraitage et crée une dimension spirituelle.
 ‘Cheval bleu’ sculpture mural est la dernière création de Erwin Peeters.



Grand Brasero XVIII émé     environ 80cm H 80cm L

Brasier du grande salle d'un château


Portrait d'un personnage de l'église

79 x 30,5 cm
Reserve price 1000€
Prix minimum 1000€



Petite Vitrine en bois marqueté

60 cm(H) x 30cm(L)

Une jolie pièce sortie d'une chapelle de château avec un Christ à l'intérieur

A pretty object which came from a Château chapel with a Christ in the interior


Reserve price 500 €
Prix minimum 500 €

René Dessirier
Air Afrique Côte d'Ivoire - les éléphants

Affiche ancienne de collection 95x62 cm très bon état
entoilée pour assurer sa conservation années 1960
1960 poster featuring elephants. 
Mounted on fabric to ensure its conservation


Ivo Staes: 
Ivo Staes was born in 1963 in Wilrijk but has lived for several years in Ghent. Ivo has a deep love for Nature and travelling where he can observe animals in their natural habitats.
He has  received numerous awards for his work.
"In my art, I try to show my travel experiences, giving the observer the feeling that I feel in Nature. I make sketches and draw pictures. My Work, My Creation!"


Ivo Staes - Peintre avec un coeur
Ivo Staes est né en 1963 à Wilrijk, mais a vécu pendant plusieurs années à GandIl habite en Belgique. Il est amoureux de la Nature et du voyage et aime observer les animaux dans leur habitats naturels.
Il est récipient de multiples récompenses pour ses œuvres
"Avec mon art j'essaie de partager mes voyages pour donner à l'observateur ou l'observatrice le même ressentiment que j'ai face à la nature. Je fais des esquisses, des dessins. Mon travail, ma création!"



Figurine en biscuit de porcelaine

40cm H

AmandaEve Photographe

This photograph, large format, is from a limited edition 2/10
Cette  photographie, grand format, est d'une édition limitée 2/10

Réserve de prix 150 €

Prix minimum 150 €
Cette  photographie a été encadrée gracieusement par Nick Wiggins
87150 Oradour sur Vayres
tél: 06 87 41 65 78
This photograph has been framed free of charge for Elephant Haven by Nick Wiggins

After a degree in magazine and book publishing 25 years ago Amanda Eve developed a passion for photography in 2010 after picking up an old Canon camera at a car boot sale.Developing her own films has made her appreciate the nuances of light and dark. She enjoys particularly the works of Sebastio Salgado, Robert Doisneau and Ansel Adams, and the power of monochrome. Currrently living in the South-West of France AmandaEve carries her (now digital) camera everywhere.

Après l'atteint d'un diplôme dans l'édition des magazines et livres il y a  25 ans, Amanda Eve a pris une passion pour la photographie après la trouvaille d'un vieux appareil Canon dans un vide-greniers. En developpant ses propres photographies elle a appris les valeurs de noir et blanc. Elle apprécie les œuvres des photographes  Sebastio Salgado, Robert Doisneau and Ansel Adams, et la puissance du monochrome. Actuellement installé dans le sud-ouest de la France elle apporte son appareil photographique (maintenant numérique) partout.

                                                                 Morning Flowers


Encrier en argent avec pot en cristal taillé  VENDU  180€ au profit d'Eléphant Haven

longueur 30,5 cm
pot carré 13 x 9 cm


 Princess Mary gift cigarette box Christmas 1914

                                                                                          Noël 2014 Princess Mary cadeau


Cigarette dispenser circa 1930     Distributeur des cigarettes vers 1930


Salvador Dali   VENDU 400€

        A  very exciting addition to the catalogue ! Six Limoges Porcelaine plates from a limited edition with designs by Salvador Dali the Spanish painter renowned for his surrealist images. Thes plates are entitled   "the conquest of the Cosmos"                                  

Une  importante addition au catalogue ! Six assiettes d'une édition limitée avec dessins par Salvador Dali le peintre Espagnol renommé pour ses images surréalistes.
Ces assiettes sont titrées "La conquète du Cosmos"


Trois têtes des éléphants

Three heads of elephants     Nadège Gascon

Je suis une passionnée de photos. J'affectionne particulièrement Le graphisme , les lignes , les contrastes . Mes domaines de prédilection sont la photo de rue surtout en noir et blanc, le Portrait animalier et la macro, l'architecture et graphisme urbain.lMaintenant je suis curieuse et je m'essaie à divers autres styles photographiques.

I am passoinate about photographs. I like particularly the graphic quality, lines, contrasts. My preferred subjects are photographs of streets especially black and white, animal portraits and close-ups, architecture and urban graphics. Now I am curious and am trying other photographic styles

Prix minimum 150€
Reserve price 150€


Lion Cub after the nap

Jeune lion aprèss la sieste

Reserve price 500€ each or 850€ the two

Prix minimum 500€ l'un 850€ les deux

 L’instinct et le terrain sont les deux écoles du photographe français Laurent Baheux. Né à Poitiers en 1970, il a d’abord couvert l’actualité effrénée du sport international avant de diriger son regard et ses objectifs vers les contrées sauvages du continent noir pour un travail personnel en monochrome.
Depuis près de 15 ans, le photographe voyage en Afrique de l'Est et Australe, pour constituer une collection d’images de la faune. Avec une approche singulière qui bouscule les codes de la photographie de nature, Laurent cherche à capter la personnalité et l’humanité de chaque animal en tant qu'individu. Il adopte ainsi une démarche de portraitiste animaliste où l'esthétisme et la sensibilité prévalent sur la vision documentaire. Plans serrés ou désaxés, bruit ou grain, noirs denses et profonds, il explore les voies avec comme seule exigence de magnifier son sujet plus que de le représenter.
Le photographe milite activement auprès d’organisations de protection de l’environnement dont le WWF, la fondation GoodPlanet, les associations Cheetah for Ever et Wings4Wildlife. En 2013, il est Ambassadeur de bonne volonté du Programme des Nations Unies pour l’Environnement sur la campagne internationale de sensibilisation anti-braconnage Wild & Precious.
Ses photographies sont présentées en galeries et font l'objet de publications et d'expositions, en France et à l’étranger.

Instinct and the land are French photographer Laurent Baheux's teachers. Born in Poitiers in 1970, he first covered the frantic world of international sports before turning his eye to the wilderness of the dark continent for very personal work in black and white.
Since the age of 15, Laurent has travelled in Eastern Africa and Australia collecting wildlife images. With a singular approach that shakes up the usual rules of nature photography, Laurent attempts to capture the personality and the humanity of each animal as an individual. He has thus becomes a portraitist of the animals, preferring  esthetics and sensitivity to documentation. He uses close-ups and alternative perspectives, grainy or off-kilter framing, deep contrasts, exploring all possibilities to emphasize the singularity of his subjects rather than to merely represent them.
Laurent is very active with environmental and wildlife protection organizations such as the WWF, the GoodPlanet Foundation, Cheetah for Ever and Wings4 Wildlife. In 2013, he was Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations' international campaign called WILD AND PRECIOUS to raise awareness about poaching.
His photographs may be seen in many galleries, publications as well as in exhibits in France and around the world.

Livre de photographie animale

signé par l'auteur photographe Laurent Baheux


Un miroir , encadrement en acajou , sculpté avec des éléphants, vraisemblablement d'origine africaine , dim.64/60cm 

Mirror with mahogany frame, sculpted with elephants, origin African



Miroir en métal argenté

48 x 34 cm
prix minimum 250€
reserve price 250€


Pair des vases en métal ancien  X1X émé

hauteur 39cm

Reserve price 500€ the pair
Prix minimum 500€ la pair

Big chief 

Corps à corps



Cheval de carousel

                                                                                 statue en bronze

Smokey lady


 The Secret

Ces six œuvres sont par Em Bryant:                            Six works by Em Bryant

Em Bryant has always been fascinated with animals and credits them withe her original and continuing desire to know them better through art. She is drawn to the animal kingdom for many of her subjects and feels great admiration for four-leggeds. Em has painted various portraits of dogs, cats and horses including Elizabeths Taylor's dog, Sugar.

She is an American citizen (for now) but was raised in Paris by her mother who spent long hours showing her the treasures of major Art galleries
She studied painting at the Grande Chaumière in Paris with Yves Brayer but returned to America in the seventies to pursue an acting career.
After a spell in New Mexico with her husband where she wrote painted and trained mustangs, they came to live in the Limousin when they became disallusioned with American ideals.
Em Bryant à été toujours fascinée par les animaux et les attribue avec son désir, au départ et continue, de les comprendre mieux par le biais de l'Art. Elle est attirée par le monde animal pour beaucoup des ses sujets et elle admire profondément les bêtes à quatre patte. Em a peint des portraits des chiens chats, et les chevaux.

Elle est citoyen Américane (pour l'instant) mais était élevée à Paris par sa mère qui a dépensé beaucoup de temps en montrant à Em les plus grandes galeries d'Art.
Em a étudié la peinture à la Grande Chaumière avec Yves Brayer mais a retourné aux Etats Unis au fin des années 70 en poursuivant une carrière comme actrice.

Après un séjour en Nouvelle Mexique avec son mari où elle écrivait, peignait et dressait les Mustangs, les deux ont fait leur demeure en Limousin après leur désillusion avec les idéals des Américans.


Questing red fox by Robert Bateman


Robert Bateman's realistic painting style, featuring wildlife in its habitat, encourages the viewer to examine the natural world. Many of his one-man shows have drawn record-breaking crowds, including one at the Smithsonian Institution in 1987.
His art reflects his commitment to ecology. Besides being one of Canada's best known artists, he is a naturalist, recognized by the Audubon Society as one of the 20th century's "heroes of conservation". He is a spokesman for many environmental and preservation issues, using his art to raise millions of dollars for these causes.
Mr. Bateman's honours and awards are numerous, including Officer of the Order of Canada. He has been awarded thirteen honorary doctorates and has three schools named after him.

Le style réaliste des tableaux de Robert Bateman, les animaux sauvages dans leur habitat natural, encourage l’examen du monde naturel qui nous entour. Ses expositions ont souvent attirées des foules record. Y inclus au Smithsonian Institut en 1987.
Son art affirme son engagement avec l’écologie. Non seulement est-il un des artistes Canadiens le plus connu, ile est un naturaliste reconnu par la société Audubon comme l(un des héros de la conservation de la nature du 20ème siécle. Il est porte-parole pour plusieurs causes écologiques et son art leur a permis de récolter des millions de dollars.
Les distinctions et prix de M Bateman sont nombreux, inclus Officier de l’Ordre du Canada, ainsi que 13 doctorats honoraires. Il y a même trois écoles qui portent son nom.

On the Garden Wall   -  Robert Bateman



Eléphants acheté au Brésil

En bois incrusté de décorations diverses
Reserve price 450€ the pair
Prix minimum 450€ la pair



Tableau vert de Fabio Pace 

1031 (l) x 1000 cm(h)
Peint par l'artiste Brésilien renommé né en mars 1944
Fabio Pace est connu comme peintre, écrivain, professeur et interprèt

Painted by the renowned Brazilian artist born in March 1944
Fabio Pace is known for his art, writing teaching and performing
Reserve price 1300€
Prix minimum 1300€


Tim Halliday vit en France en Charente où il expose ses œuvres à la galerie du château-hôtel de Nieuil. Il a vécu en Afrique et la protection des animaux est souvent un thème pour ses peintures.

Tim Halliday lives in France in the Charente where he exposes his works at the Château-Hôtel de Nieuil. He has lived in Africa and the protection of animals is a frequent theme to his work. 

Expo and elephants  1.

Reserve Price 150 €
Prix minimum 150 €

Expo and elephants  2.
                                                                                                                                   By Tim Holliday 

Reserve Price 150 €

Prix minimum 150 €  


Sculpture by Anne-Françoise Boutte

Anne-Françoise Boutte


In "re" mode: as in receive, re-connect, recreate, rebirth, re-live

A mix of most everything, as I feel it in the moment, awakening to the instant,

to the whispers of the soul in used, dislocated, broken or damaged objects...that I've re-discovered, recuperated, rescued here and there, attracted by a blade of grass, a rock, a bit of wood--and reassembling, re-composing, re-structuring them to give them breath and a second life.

"I'm nothing, and I know it, but I make up my nothing with a bit of everything."

Victor Hugo

En mode ’re’ …comme recueillir, re’lier, ré’créer, re’naître, revivre 

Un mélange d'’un peu de tout, sur le ressenti du moment, à l'’éveil d'’une émotion de l'’instant, au murmure de l’'âme de toutes ces petites choses usées, disloquées, brisées, cassées, abîmées… rencontrées, repêchées, récupérées, ici et là, au détour d'’un brin d’herbe, d'’un caillou, d’un bout de bois… pour réassembler, recomposer, refaçonner et leur donner un second souffle, une nouvelle vie.

« Je ne suis rien, je le sais, mais je compose mon rien avec un morceau de tout. »

Victor Hugo


Le Chêne  by Anne- Catherine Charbonnier

Anne-Catherine Charbonnier est une artiste Parisienne récemment installée dans La Haute-Vienne
en train d'installer une  galerie - La Galerie des Muliples - à Rochechouart

« Sur les chemins d'ici, depuis trois ans, j'observe la lumière, le ciel et ses passagers, l'univers magique des rivières et des étangs, la terre, les bois, les troupeaux, un atelier grandeur nature propice à la création… » 

Anne-Catherine is a Parisian artist who has recently moved to the Haute-Vienne and is installing a gallery in Rochechoaurt -The Gallery des Multiples.

"Along the trackways around here, for the last three years, I observe the light, the sky and all that passes in it, the magical universe of rivers and lakes, the ground, the woods, the flocks and herds, a magnificent workshop grand Nature, encouraging for creation....


Louie Ewing (1908 – 1983 ) lived and worked in New Mexico, Idaho.  Louie Ewing is known for silkscreen posters, many devoted to Indian themes. His work included  landscape painting, sculpture and book illustration

Louie Ewing (1908-1983) a vécu et a travaillé en Nouveau Mexique, Idaho. Il était bien connu pour son travaille en sérigraphie et ses affiches dévoué aux thèmes des Indiens.

Il a aussi produit  des paysages, sculptures et illustrations des livres

 Watercolour by Louie Ewing



Malcolm Morris was born in Yorkshire, England  in 1950 and moved to France in 2007 where he now works. He is a self-taught and paints in oils, water colour and soft pastel. He also draws in pen and ink and pencil. Landscapes, still life and portraits interest him most.

His distinctive style with a strong use of  colour and the quality of his handling of light has earned him praise from fellow artists and in the numerous exhibitions in which his work has been seen.

Malcolm Morris né dans le Yorkshire, Angleterre en 1950 s'établit en France en 2007 où il travaille actuellement. Artiste autodidacte il se spécialise en natures mortes paysages et portraits qu'il réalise à le peinture à l'huile, à l'aquarelle ou au pastel doux. Il produit également du dessin au crayon et à la plume.
Paysages et portraiture et natures mortes sont ses sujets préférés.

Son style distinct caractérisé par son utilisation accentuée de la couleur et la qualité de la lumière dans ses œuvres est louée par ses artistes contemporains et dans les expositions nombreuses auxquelles il a participé

Ses deux paysages marins (des neuf qu'il a offert à la vente) de son pays natal 
montrent bien la maîtrise pour laquelle
Malcolm Morris est justement louée.
Les tirages sont imprimé en encre permanente

These two seascapes (of the nine he has offered for sale) of his beloved Yorkshire
demonstrate the mastery for which 
Malcolm Morris is justly praised
The prints are printed with colour fast ink


Antique photographie


The Club Run

Country connections

Two railway prints, reproduction,  from the internationally acclaimed British painter Don Breckon (1935- 2016)

Deux tirages, reproduction, de l'artiste Britannique, internationalement renommé,
Don Breckon (1935-2016)



Dessins au batik sur tissu de l'art africain de la Sud -Afrique
Batik prints on cotton, examples of African art from South Africa 


Robe en Style Médiéval

Sian est la créatrice de vendetta Couture où elle est dessinatrice et couturière. Née et élevée en Pays de Galles elle est maintenant installée dans la Haute Vienne. La couture est sa passion de la vie pour Sian. Elle a sa propre affaire des vente par Internet depuis dix ans en vendant ses créations au monde entier.
Elle était ravie d'apprendre du projet pour un sanctuaire pour les éléphants pour qui elle offre une robe fait sur mesure du modèle 'Callalily' - voir photographie (taille XS-XXL) Une fois fabriquée la robe sera expédiée (sans charge à l'acquéreur ) vers n'importe quelle destination mondiale.
La robe est produit en velours noir avec l'habillage dans le couleur du demande de la cliente.
Pour plus d'information avant la vente aux enchères n'hésitez pas de contacter Sian qui peux vous aider, à l'adresse e-mail:
lien aux références de la taille

Sian Vendette is the creator behind Vendetta Couture where she designs and sews everything herself. Born and raised in Harlech, North Wales she now resides in St Germain les Belles, Haute-Vienne. Sewing is a lifetime passion for Sian, who has run her online business Vendetta Couture for over ten years.  After studying Fashion at art school she spent 6 years as an apprentice dressmaker. It was during this time that Sian gained a huge amount of experience and since then she has been self employed and loves it. She currently sells online with her outfits travelling all over the globe, from USA to Singapore.

When Sian heard about an elephant sanctuary wanting to open here,she was very happy and wanted to do something to help so she is auctioning one of her dresses. The winning bidder will receive the dress like the one shown in the photograph ( style is called Callalily), it is made from black crushed velvet and complemented with a pewter grey shimmer fabric, with the option of having the shimmer fabric in other colours should the customer wish. It will be custom made specially for the buyer in any size from XS to XXL  Link to size and to any length. When the dress has been made it will be posted to you, at no extra cost, anywhere in the world.
If you require any further information about the dress prior to the auction, please contact Sian and she will be happy to help.


Myra Ebenstein

The watcher

Chêne, acacia - 56x24x17 cm

Prix minimum 180€
Reserve price 180€

Honey Bunny

Chêne, grès blanc – 58x12x12 cm
Prix minimum : 120 €


Chêne ancien – 52x20x9 cm
Prix minimum : 100 €

Des autres œuvres par le même artiste seront offerte sur la base de 50/50 partagée entre l'artiste et Elephant Haven 


Acacia, grès blanc – 108x30x25 cm
Prix minimum : 280 €


Grès blanc – 27x20x15 cm
Prix minimum : 80 €


Prunier, grès noir – 78x13x13 cm
Prix minimum : 160 €


Chêne ancien – 92x14x10 cm
Prix minimum : 220 €


Who is offering the painting of an elephant's eye - no photograph available
Originally from the Midlands, I worked as a Midwife for 30years,      before retiring to  France  in 2005.

In 2011 I joined a small Art group and started painting in Watercolour and occasionally mixed media.
I paint mainly animals and flowers as I love anything to do with nature.
I have exhibited twice locally in the Haute Vienne.
My painting for The Elephant Haven is called Memories.

Reserve Price 50 Euros

Denise Southwell
qui offre une peinture d'un œil d'éléphant - pas de photographie disponible à présent 

Originaire de la région des Midlands, j'ai travaillé comme sage-femme pendant 30 ans avant de prendre ma retraite en France.

J'ai rejoint un petit groupe d’art en 2011 et j'ai commencé à apprendre la peinture a l’aquarelle avec les conseils des membres du groupe.

Je peins principalement les animaux et les fleurs parce que j'aime, avant tout, la nature.
J’ai participé à des expositions deux fois dans La Haute Vienne.

Ce tableau   pour le refuge de L’elephant Haven est intitulé "Souvenirs."

Prix de début 50 Euros